this year i was

  • trash

next year i hope to be

  • hella trash
  • possibly a trash king ?

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I don’t blog about anything interesting that happens to me like seeing famous people do what they’re famous for ten feet away or fucking my mind on mushrooms or wrestling with an attempted mugger around a crowded convenience store or housing nice transient kids who travel around playing music and protesting pipelines or fainting and collapsing for the first time ever like I did today, no instead I reblog reblogs and complain about work sometimes and I don’t know why I don’t delve deep into any thinkings or things i want to think or know more about and I don’t know why i don’t write recreationally nearly as much as I always have anymore I guess I just don’t care to.


Scientists explain the orangutan’s unique approach to problem solving with this example: If a chimpanzee is given an oddly shaped peg and several different holes to try to put it in, the chimp immediately tries shoving the peg in various holes until it finds the correct hole. But an orangutan may stare off into space or even scratch itself with the peg. Then, after a while, it offhandedly sticks the peg into the correct hole while looking at something else that has caught its interest.

Photo by Bob Worthington

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I hate the exaltation elizabeth warren but +1 for being the only gaza-related thing on twitter to make me laugh

Going to be a good weekend




welcome to dencon. on your birthday you get an extra hour in the pit.


I don’t know how much Denny’s pays their social media team but however much it is, it’s not enough

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watch out for dashcon 2015, which will include:

  • a second, slightly larger ball pit
  • a long-lasting sense of unease
  • benevolent cucumber and his british chekkbones
  • a nintendo wii, but we only have two controllers so we have to take turns



I wish I was a supervisor and could tell people not to be on there phones (as I sit and watch videos on mine). I wish I could tell people go actually do work (while I take 40 minute breaks at a time) to point out EVERYTHING people do wrong & to talk to people as if there stupid and use technical terms they don’t understand to just be a dick…..

This describes my GM perfectly!!!

Whenever my GM deigns to work the desk like during someone’s lunch break or something he’ll make a point to be unnecessarily thorough and do everything very deliberately to set an example for us underlings except because we are obscenely busy almost every day his tactics will usually slow us down to the point of disaster and the other front desk clerk will wind up checking in fifteen arrivals between fielding calls and knocking out whatever arises while he’ll still be sitting there with his first guest grappling with the first odd request that offhandedly came out of their mouth, playing around with room assignments to see if there’s any way to get six rooms of four different room types all on the same floor for five days because he didn’t just say “No I’m sorry” before the guest was even done asking like any of the rest of us would have and just been done with it. 

Also enjoy whenever one of the many common system errors pop up and he struggles to “get to the bottom of it” when it’s something inherent in the shitty brand software that happens all the time and has a known work around that he refuses to use regardless of the current state of the lobby because “it shouldn’t do this.” 

Then after checking in two guests and getting stumped by a non-issue error over the course of 35 minutes he’ll smugly greet the returning desk clerk with “Well now I checked in half your arrivals list for you…” completely oblivious to the fact that the useful:useless ratio of everything he just did over that timespan is not in his favor.


Slurricane: I Love Basketball For Two Reasons by Will Laren

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Israel’s affinity for genocide is v ironic.